Great Ways To Reuse And Recycle Your Old Candle Containers

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Turn Candle Jars Into Plant Pots

Old scented candle containers are the perfect size to become your latest leafy addition’s new home. With our current obsession with succulents and pretty much every other plant out there, we almost don’t have enough old candle jars – that really is saying something!  Because candle jars don't have drainage I would suggest Horticultural Charcoal. This will enhance nutrients and water retention, meaning you will only need to spray your succulents every now and then. So clean your jar add some charcoal and then your soil and get growing!

Other great ideas to up-cycle is the use them as pencil holders, makeup brush holders or if you start collecting to many of our jars send us an email and we can reuse them for your next purchase and give you a discount for being an eco hero.

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