Candle Questions Answered

My Candle is sweating what should I do?

A humid or warm environment or a change in temperature can sometimes cause the fragrance oils to sweat out of the wax. It will appear as beads of liquid on top of the candle. This does not affect the performance of the candle. It may be lit even if “sweating”. If the environment changes they will disappear back into the wax.  I would suggest dabbing it with some paper towel before lighting the candle.

My Candles have cracks, how did this happen?

When a 100% soy candle is exposed to temperatures below 20 degrees, it may develop micro cracks in the wax. The cracks do not affect the performance of the candle and will disappear after the candle is lit. When the candle is warmed back up to 20 degrees and above, the cracks usually disappear. The colder the temperature, the more likely the candle will be subjected to deeper sized cracks.

My Candle flame is tiny and sometimes goes out, how do I fix this?

If the flame becomes too low, extinguish it and trim the clogged wick and re-light. You can also remove some of the wax around the wick when it cools making sure you

expose at least ¼” of the wick. Re-light the candle.

If a candle flame becomes too high or if the candle gets too hot, extinguish the flame, trim the wick and re-light the candle

Always make sure your wick is trimmed! Our Ribbin wick, true flame & wood do not need to be trimed

My candle isnt burning even, how do I fix this?

A wick that becomes off centered can be corrected by moving it back to the center while the wax is soft but slightly cooled. A centered wick creates the ideal burn, allowing the candle to burn evenly out to all edges.

Keeping a lit candle out of a drafty area is ideal. A draft can create an uneven burn or too hot of a flame.

How to Stop the Candle Smoking after being extinguished?

You can distinguish a candle’s flame without creating the after smoke. Dip the lit wick in the melted wax and lift back up. You will need a wick dipper or a non flammable object.

After the candle and its wax has cooled, you can wipe the glass on the inside clean from any melted wax residue. This will give you the appearance of a clean new candle.

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